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omfortable beds with linen hand crafted in Tuscany and in-suite bathrooms for your privacy and comfort with amenities also from our suppliers in Toscana. In each room, an easy-to-use coffee/tea machine, bottled drinking water, a clock radio, if you insist on getting out of our comfortable beds, a flat panel TV if you’d rather watch ‘n’ sleep (or borrow one of the Shaw plays from our library); and a common guest fridge just outside your door.

DA VINCI - Named after Renaissance genius Leonardo da Vinci. Includes a large private, shaded balcony.

BRUNELLESCHI - Named after architect Filippo Brunelleschi, whose magnificent dome towers above Florence. includes a private shaded balcony.

MEDICI - Named after the famous family, art patrons of the



As far as possible, locally grown and organic. Think Tuscany − specially cured meats, lightly herbed vegetables and fruits galore. Omega-3 eggs − tasty and heart healthy. And for the die-hards, yogurt or milk and cereal. No canned or carton juice. Our juices are freshly squeezed on the premises in unusual medleys! Enjoy cappuccino while you wait and chat with other guests in a café styled lounge! Weather permitting, breakfast served in our back garden.

A special need? Just ask us and we’ll try our best…

Your Breakfast Menu

  Walk 'n' Park


Unless you are planning side trips to Niagara Falls or to one of the internationally acclaimed wineries, forget about your auto. The Shaw festival theatres, all the fine restaurants and cafes and the lovely stores are literally steps away.

The B&B includes a special guest dining area and lounge with ample reading material, much of it linked to the B&B theme. Free wireless Internet everywhere.