Carlotta & Kash

Carlotta, a native of Florence, has spent 15 years in hospitality & tourism, and marketing. Carlotta grew up in the heartland of Tuscany, starting off as a sales and marketing agent for Walt Disney’s largest dealerships based in Florence. She then branched into hospitality and ran a very characteristic resort in Costa Rica, the Italian-themed Giardini di Papagayo. After this, she ran the all-exclusive Ocotal Beach Resort for two years (this is among the five most expensive resorts in Costa Rica) bringing to its haute cuisine her Italian hospitality. Why did she give up Florence and then CR for NOTL? You’ll have to ask her that in person.

In 2013, she, her brother from Florence, Filippo, and her husband, launched a gelateria with know-how and ingredients sourced directly from farms in Italy. She is the CEO of Il Gelato di Carlotta with outlets in Niagara on the Lake, Fallsview Casoino Niagara Falls and the Vaughan Mills shopping mall, with a production facility in St. Catharine’s.

Her husband Zuhair spent most of his life in the print and broadcast media, before moving to the Internet and establishing his very first business-2-business daily newspaper in New York City. Zuhair was a regular on-air commentator for OMNI-TV, a writer and editor at The Globe and Mail and NOW magazine; and wrote for several international publications. He also ran his own public relations and web design company. At La Toscana he plays the traditional Indian role of being a consort to the Innkeeper and looking after guests! Helping when asked to and making sure guests are provided with a daily fresh supply of his long-time hobby: juices from a combination of fresh fruits! Mostly Niagara grown of course!